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Accolade Wines

Project Scope

To create and develop a new visual identity for Accolade wines category product Jam shed. Developing an occasion-based persona connected to dining/eating.

Brand development


Visual assets (Digital)

Jam shed wine

Jam shed's unmistakable sweet fruity notes made for an instantly recognisable brand and clear category placement.

"Simple, punchy, gluggable" nothing audacious, nothing too serious.

With a brand identity set so clearly, often it can lead to a pigeon-holed marketing position, unable to diversify its usage to customers.

Our challenge was to show diversity, opening up occasions and creativity to allow customers more opportunities to explore the wine.

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The solution

Initially, we expanded the range of applications for the wine within its primary category by diversifying its usage as a mixed drink. For instance, by leveraging the classic sangria recipe and incorporating the unique flavour profile of the wine, it opened up new opportunities for consumption, particularly in the context of social gatherings.

Additionally, we strategically aligned its visual identity with strong associations to food, particularly pairing tapa-style dishes, easy to create at home. This reinforced the idea that consuming wine, particularly in the context of shared meals and gatherings, is an ideal opportunity to appreciate its nuances and complexity fully.


The results

The changes have expanded the range of usage and positioning the visual identity heavily with food associations has yielded significant results for the company.


Firstly, the diversification of the wine's usage as a mixed drink, specifically in the form of the classic sangria, has attracted a new customer group and occasion for consumption. This has expanded the wine's appeal beyond traditional wine enthusiasts and 'off trade' sales into the 'on trade.'

Aligning the visual identity with strong food associations has also proven successful. This has reinforced the idea that consuming the wine in the context of shared meals and gatherings is the ideal opportunity to fully appreciate its nuances and complexity. This has led to increased sales and a greater demand for the wine, particularly in the summer months when gatherings and outdoor dining are more prevalent. Additionally, this positioning has helped to further differentiate the company from its competitors by creating a unique and memorable brand association.

If you want to improve your brand's presence, establish a clear and consistent strategy or develop an effective marketing plan.

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